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Why FinTax

Chief accountant of a company that is not big has to deal with various matters ranging from making payment orders and invoices to preparing forms and reports for tax and accounting purposes. No less is the amount of time they spend on visits to tax inspectorate, banks and other institutions, sometimes unable to escape existing bureaucracies. In this case, the company pays the chief accountant as a high-class employee, although what they do has little to do with a job that requires a lot of skills yet itis time-consuming instead. Efficient organization of work, targeted training of employees on a regular basis and usage of up-to-date accounting software all enable the FinTax Accounting’s customers to reduce their costs.

Entrusting their bookkeeping with FinTax Accounting, the organizations:

  • would be free from paying taxes and fees on the salary of an accountant
  • would be able to save on costs relating to accounting office rent, office furniture, accounting software
  • can always have an access to consulting services.


One important fact is that there is an internal control mechanism within FinTax Accounting, which makes sure all reports statements go a double-checking in order to rule out errors and omissions and prevent any under or overcharges in tax payments.