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FinTax Accounting offers comprehensive company formation services for individuals and legal entities. The most common organizational-legal form for commercial activities in the Republic of Armenia is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). We provide efficient and streamlined processes for LLC establishment, whether you are located within the Republic of Armenia or abroad. Here are the key details regarding the registration of an LLC in the Republic of Armenia

  1. Timeline: Establishing an LLC in the Republic of Armenia typically takes only 3 working days. However, if you require expedited processing, an additional state duty can be paid to reduce the timeline to 1 working day.
  2. Required Documents: The necessary documents for LLC registration include:
  • Decision (minutes) of the founders: This document outlines the establishment of the LLC and should include the appointment of a director, confirmation of the company name, address, charter, authorized capital, and other pertinent details.
  • Charter: The charter, approved by the founders, specifies the internal regulations of the company. There is also a government-approved standard form of the charter that simplifies and expedites the registration process if chosen.
  • Copies of founders’ passports: For foreign citizens, a translated copy of their passport with notarial ratification is required.
  • Copy of the director’s or manager’s passport: Similarly, for foreign citizens, a translated copy of the director’s or manager’s passport with notarial ratification is necessary. If the founder is a foreign legal entity, copies of the state registration certificate and charter, duly notarized and translated, are also required.
  • Power of attorney (for remote registration): If you opt for remote registration, a power of attorney must be provided in the name of an employee of FinTax Accounting Company.

Please note that certain documents of foreign origin may require apostille confirmation.

  1. Document Preparation: Our experienced staff can assist in preparing the company charter and the decision of the founders (minutes) to ensure compliance with legal requirements and expedite the registration process.

FinTax Accounting simplifies the company registration process, providing professional guidance and expertise to establish your LLC efficiently and in accordance with the relevant regulations.